That's an easy one... he is a creative.
Enough talking about myself in the third person.,
I am artist.
I am a painter ( watercolour)
I am Graphic Designer and branding developer.
I am a jewelry designer
and Father
a Husband
a fashion addict
and a lover of life.

I am currently the Creative Director and Manager of a family-owned company called Alloyd Enterprises Limited. At Alloyds I design and manufacturer a wide variety of items with laser engraving technology. My regular clientele are those in the hotel and tourism industry, event planning industry and Sports and academic industries. Have a look at Alloyds
I also have a creative services firm called Quartet Creative. At Quartet we create, design and manage company or initiatives corporate and public image from inception to function. We also do one off logo and website designs when needed. Follow us at Quartet
My Wife and I are co designers of a Jewelry brand called Fashion Cuts. Fashion Cuts is a high fashion statement accessory brand. We design and manufacture laser cut earrings that are meant to but not only noticed, but light and comfortable. Follow Fashion Cuts on instagram or head over to our Website
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